Allergy cooking is an area that got me started in the catering and eventually the wedding side of the event business, i have always enjoyed this area of my work and constantly updating recipes and menus to adapt to the changes that are affecting many people nowadays. I recently had a client who is extremely allergic to garlic, to level of needing to carry an epi pen at all times. The tasting session was something that i spent alone time researching to make sure that i got he food, vegan , correct and that all herbs and spices that i used, were safe for my client. I had not realised that garlic can be in garam masala, also on an ingredient list ‘seasonings’ can include garlic. It was fascinating delving deeper into this area of extreme allergy and wanted to make sure that it was safe for her and install in her 100% confidence. I made a fantastic pesto, rocket, spinach, capers and pine nuts, super tasty and a great colour. Also played around with kale pan fried in coconut oil until crispy, adding in chestnut mushrooms, cherry tomatoes , lime leaves then some kafir leaves for that extra zing. Super tasty and can be served with quinoa or wild rice with some added turmeric, another favourite herb of mine. Vegan dishes are a fantastic way of show casing local and seasonal vegetable produce, the vat to really bring them alive is the addiction of herbs and spices, used to their full potential they can unleash a mouth watering meal. I also made a vegan pannacotta, easier than i first through,vegan gelatine is a joy to work with and the fresh vanilla really did give it a lovely rich flavour adding in a gluten and dairy free, lavender shortbread, looked lovely and the combination really worked.





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