Christmas Party Catering in Norwich and Norfolk – Top 10 Tips

It’s Christmas Party time!

It is a mere 12 weeks until the festive Norwich Christmas Party catering season begins in earnest! Where has the summer gone I hear you all ask? Well, for the happy band that is Purple Plum it has been a whirlwind period.

We have been busy catering for beautiful couples and their wonderful weddings, birthday, parties company events – you name it, we’ve done it and now we are girding our loins for a spectacular Autumn and Christmas period!

Organising the Christmas party for your company, club, team, organisation, charity etc is a very challenging and responsible role. The choice and options are endless, but wait, the cavalry has arrived in the nick of time – Purple Plum are the Christmas party specialists and we can help you plan and execute your party flawlessly and have the CEO, Chairman, colleagues and friends gushing next day!

Top 10 Tips for your Christmas Party Catering

You’ve thought about it for a while and have decided you want to do your own thing this year and have the Christmas party you and your colleagues truly deserve for all your hard work. Here are 10 of the key items to consider that Purple Plum will help you navigate through.

1. Select a Christmas Party date that works for all.

Sounds an obvious task but beset with pitfalls! Management won’t be happy if the party is scheduled for a day or night when they are otherwise committed. They are also less likely to fund a decent budget if they aren’t going to share in the fun!! Check the diaries of key management – this is also important for staff as they want to see management sharing the party with them and being part of one team! Also what night of the week works best for people – try to avoid conflicts with existing commitments that the attendees may have. For example, Friday nights might work best because colleagues won’t have work the next day or alternatively this might be a no go as it eats into their weekend.

2. Know your attendees.

Is it an internal event or are clients, friends or guests also included. This can be a tricky one as the party is likely to be a little more formal if clients and other guests are invited. This might have an impact on the food to be selected – the funky, fun food and crazy drinks might have to be tempered a little if clients are invited!!
Number of guests – have in mind the minimum and maximum number of guests who will attend. Your options for catering are dependent upon this in order to budget properly and determine the correct amount of food to supply. The numbers of guests and food required can be easily changed to within days of the event but if numbers rise then so do the costs

3. Decide if there is a theme.

If there is to be a theme for the party (in addition to Christmas!) it will be fun to create a menu that matches the theme – as far as is humanly possible of course. Some themes are more readily catered for than others. For example at a James Bond fancy dress party there are two drinks that guests will expect – Vodka martini, shaken not stirred and Champagne. If you budget doesn’t run to the real thing then consider cheaper alternatives – strawberry prosecco is fabulous or a mixed cocktail with elderflower. If you want a little extra sophistication you could try James Bond’s own design of drink – the Vesper – which appears in Casino Royale starring Daniel Craig. Complemented with a lovely array of Purple Plum canapés you are well on your way to delivering the perfectly themed Christmas Party

4. Set a catering budget.

It is absolutely critical to determine what the overall budget is and what proportion should be allocated to food! Christmas parties are notorious for over indulgence and it is vital there is sufficient food to complement the drink intake and insatiable hunger of party goers!! While the Chief Financial Officer will no doubt appreciate the effort put into the party, she/he will be far less impressed if the invoices arrive and you are massively over budget. At Purple Plum we believe in a “no surprises” policy. The last thing we want is for there to be unexpected costs. A canapé based party is ideal for keeping costs relatively low and ensuring that there is something for everybody no matter what their tastes and dietary requirements.

5. Pick an appropriate Christmas party location.

The venue could be the office, social club, pub/bar, civic location such as City Hall or the Forum in Norwich, marquee. The venue and its facilities will have a bearing on what catering can/cannot be supplied from that location. Even the most basic catering facilities can be augmented by Purple Plum’s creative chefs and catering equipment to provide hot delights in the most surprising of places! Purple Plum have a vast amount of experience working with venues within Norwich and across Norfolk and can give you a frank and honest opinion of most options.

6. Remember special dietary and catering needs.

Purple Plum are specialists in gluten free, dairy free and wheat free catering. In any large party there is a statistical probability that one or more attendee will have special dietary needs. There is nothing more certain to put a damper on the evening to find some guests have virtually no food options for them.

7. Select a range of Christmas party catering options.

There is always a tendency to pick options that you as an individual like. It is natural but unfortunately that will likely end in grumblings of discontent from the guests. Purple Plum are experts in providing balanced menus that cater for a wide range of tastes and needs. We are not food snobs though, despite our amazing culinary creations, and if there is anything specific you would like included in the meal then simply ask and we will exceed your expectations.

For instance here is a collection of some fantastic Christmas party catering ideas from the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

8. Christmas party drinks – serving and supply.

A common problem we see at many events is confusion around who is managing the drinks/bar. This is sometimes undertaken “in-house” but if there is a formal element to the event then the poor soul who agreed to look after the bar is then overwhelmed when needing to recycle 200+ glasses and fill ups for the formal toasts! Our pleasant, friendly staff can take away all the hassle and worry of managing the drinks supply.

9. Food tasting.

The fun part! For canapé parties Purple Plum can supply a range of canapés to taste. You can take some time out of the office to sample various dishes with colleagues and select the menu for your party. We love meeting our clients and we like to think we are friends rather than suppliers!

10. Have Fun!!!

That’s what the Christmas Party is all about. Let Purple Plum make undertake your Christmas party catering and make your’s a worry and hassle free night to remember!!