Yoga retreats and vegan



My love of yoga goes back to my early 20s (a long time ago!). It started with an amazing teacher in a space above Adnams wine shop, temptation at every class! I just remember the incredible way that I felt both mentally and physically after every session and have continued with the practice throughout my life.


So it has been a fantastic opportunity for me to be able to combine my love of healthy, holistic and vegan food with my love of yoga on retreats where we cater the whole weekend, with up to 35 students from Norfolk and further afield. We generally load up the van with fresh seasonal local produce, lots of herbs, spices, grains and inspiration and set off. Dishes can range from sweet potato and kale soup and roasted pumpkin wedges with chestnut, cinnamon and fresh bay leaves to berry, seed and nut salad and Iranian vegetable stew with dried lime. We have a fabulous time chatting and cooking and have started to do classes and cookery demonstrations on raw and vegan food with a focus on Ayurvedic food and principles of eating and biodynamic foods that are grown by a local supplier. It is an area that I am passionate about and hugely enjoy cooking and learning along the way.


It was therefore a wonderful day when I went to West Lexham to cook for a yoga retreat. Set in the heart of the Norfolk countryside in 21 acres of gardens, woods, rivers and lakes, this breathtaking place is about living with a deeper connection to nature, to ourselves and to each other. It is an ideal location for a yoga retreat, both in terms of spirituality and ethos, offering tranquillity along with an immersive experience.


The River Nar flows through the valley, and is the cleanest of the 160 chalk streams in the world. It is designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest with its underwater realm of life and floating water meadows. The profits from the business are used to not only preserve this habitat but to enhance it and the historical buildings around it, to be enjoyed in perpetuity.


You will be greeted with a warm smile and a gentle pace of life. Refresh your perspective and recharge your mojo with a blend of restful nature retreat, chats and laughter under the stars.


The collaboration with this venue really sums up the journey that I have started on and will continue on with other venues in Norfolk with the same mindset as West Lexham – setting up a wonderful healthy, biodynamic, yoga-inspired place for weekend breaks or just a morning away from the hustle and stresses of everyday life. With the launch of the Yoga Brunch Club starting in October things can only get better – and more bendy!