1 02, 2018

Garlic allergy – tasting- wedding



Allergy cooking is an area that got me started in the catering and eventually the wedding side of the event business, i have always enjoyed this area of my

21 12, 2017

Vegan fun!

We have been having a lot of fun experimenting  with vegan cooking and coming up with some recipes that i have really enjoyed making. There are many sites out there

23 04, 2014

Debuting a new canapé !

Had a play around with raspberries, yogurt , icing sugar , a touch of Pinot dessert wine , mini pastry cases and a touch of mint ! Have tried

18 04, 2014

New launch of Newsletter

Super exciting and took a little while to do but with some expert help we got there !
Have added a link, below , if you would like

17 04, 2014

Little Social ,London and Angela Lansbury !

Gorgeous food last night at Little Social, Pollen St,
London. We had eaten at the Pollen Street Social before and wanted to try this after an amazing night watching

17 04, 2014

A Most Curious Wedding Fair this weekend

Very much looking forward to the fair this weekend at St Andrews Hall in Norwich , super excited and will take some yummy nibbles !

17 03, 2014

Cauliflower pizza bites with chilli tomato dip.

Trying out canapé ideas as I have a lot of parties booked in and I want to try out different ideas, away from the standard party food and these

15 09, 2013

Autumn vegetable warmer

The weather is so horrible today, I felt the need to make a scrumptious warming vegetable soup. I have a pea addiction ! so this combination of tasty sweet

14 09, 2013

Cider sparkles ..

Apple cider and champagne cocktails with a spiced rim. Delicious but spicy, a perfect start to an autumnal dinner party. looking forward to cooking on Saturday, with a five

8 09, 2013

Italian delights …

having a little thing with all things Italian. These lovely fritters in the light batter are a delicious way to start a meal or to have as a